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Add Extra Touch of Luxury to life with Aquavia Spa Bathtubs

Verdure Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor of products like Aquavia Spa. The team at Aquavia Spa design conceptualizes products and markets different kinds of hot tubs. Such tubs are for public and private use. The products show high performance and exclusive features to provide luxury to the customers.

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Two of Aquavia’s most popular spa hot bathtubs are Antigua Hot Tub and Cube Model!

Antigua Hot Tub:

This excellent spa hot bathtub has a groundbreaking octagonal design. It increases the level of comfort for the user. This tub comes with a diameter of about 2.78 meters with a dimension of about 2780 x 2780 mm. This model can be found in hotels, spas, residential complexes and beauty centers, etc. The capacity of the hot tub is 7 seats and is equipped with a full massage circuit while the price of the tub is INR 1,800,000.

Cube Model:

The luxurious cube model of Aquavia is perfect for couples. It is also best for enjoying with a group of friends. It enhances the enjoyment with twelve air nozzles and twenty-seven jets. This excellent piece of hot tub has a dimension of about 2310 x 2310 x 780 mm and cost INR 1,850,000. It is best for a maximum of four people.