Benefits of Educational Apps for Class 10

Educational apps have revolutionized the way student studies or gains knowledge these days. These apps definitely have a lot of benefits. Though these cannot replace the traditional form of learning but surely has added advantages to it. Students find it interesting and fun to learn from these. The way the content is explained in the form of videos with characters or 3D images makes it easy to understand from these apps.

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Let’s learn a few more benefits of these educational apps.

1)   Learn while you Travel

Travelling, especially long distance is the time when you might get easily bored. After a certain time, you tend to watch videos on tablets or mobile devices. You can download and save the videos in these apps for topics like Laplace transform to watch it later while traveling. This way you can utilize that time to understand a new concept or revise the last one.

2)   A personalized form of learning

When you get the benefit of learning from the very place you are at, It’s the best way to learn. Usually, Schools and classes are the traditional places to gain study related knowledge. These apps make it possible to learn or gain knowledge even after class on topics like Vectors. You can read or watch the same content you learned in school today, through these apps. Access to information for twenty-four hours makes it a form of personalized learning.

3)   Play, Pause, Rewind

You can easily study the different topics of various subjects on these apps. The information related to all the chapters is available through these apps. While watching a particular video, if you feel like pausing it at a point to practice the concept on your own, you can pause the video there. Also while practicing if you forget a step, you can rewind and watch it again for revision.

4)   No need to fix a place to study

If you like to study from these apps, you’ll have the flexibility to study from your favourite place. Suppose If you have guests at home today, and you feel you might get distracted, you can carry these apps to a place where you can focus. Be it the terrace or your Balcony or to a friend’s place for team studies, you can carry it anywhere.

5)   Fun and Engaging Form of Learning

Learning from these apps is not only useful but fun too. The subject matter experts in the videos explain the concepts with real images in 3-dimensional form. It makes it easy to understand the concept better. The colours and graphics are used to make these videos more interesting. You can also solve the quiz given at the end of each topic to check your understanding level of a particular topic.


Educational apps have many benefits. From learning on the go to a personalized form of learning, these apps add benefits to studying apart from Traditional Learning.

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