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5 Important Features to Look for in Walk-in Tubs

Unlike conventional bathtubs, walk-in tubs have everything. They can have extra attachments like jets and showers. Walk-in tubs with a shower or jets are more convenient for everyone to use, especially for seniors or people with mobility issues. Aside from the mentioned features, here are other top features that you should look for in purchasing a walk-in tub.

1. Lifetime Warranty

Like other home appliances, walk-in tubs come with warranties.Buy a tub that has good warranty coverage. Warranty doesn’t just ensure product replacement; it reflects the integrity of the brand as well.Don’t forget to register your warranty as soon as you buy a walk-in tub so you can take advantage of it when your tub needs repair.

2. Hydrotherapy System

Walk-in tubs with jetsdon’t only give you a refreshing bath but also invigorating massage therapy. Choose tubs with massaging air jets that target areas in the body where you usually feel pain or discomfort, like the back for instance. This will also help save you some money; why go to a spa for a massage session when you can have one while taking a bath, in the comfort of your home?

3. Quick Drain

Look for walk-in tub models that don’t require much of your time to drain or fill. Quick-drain walk-in tubs will give you more time to soak in the goodness of a hot bath.Tubs with fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains, and temperature controls are the most ideal.

4. Safety Features

Mishaps can happen while using a bathtub, so look for walk-in tubs with a shower as well as special safety features such as handrails, swinging doors, and easy-lock-and-unlock drains. Also checkthe material the tub is made of and how resistant it is to mold and bacteria, which can make the tub slippery (and dirty, too) over time.

5. Overall Quality

Do some research about the tub manufacturing company that you’re interested in before buying or after window-shopping for some tubs. Read some reviews on different tub brands so you can have an idea about the quality of their products. Of course, it’s best to purchase a tub from a reputable brand.

Walk-in tubs with a shower or jets have promising benefits for everyone. For a safer,more convenient, and more vitalizing bath for you and your family, make sure to check the features of your walk-in tub of choice. Visit your nearest tub manufacturer to get that walk-in tub that best suits your family’s needs.