Various Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Immigration means the international movement of people into a country of which they are not citizens in order to settle down there or take employment as a foreign worker. This process requires proper knowledge about various rules which are associated with immigration.

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Different Questions That You Can Ask Yourself Before Contacting an Immigration Lawyer

  • What Is the Process Involved to Become a Canadian Citizen?

Before you contact a Canadian immigration lawyer you should know about the Canadian citizenship process. To become a citizen of Canada you should apply as a permanent resident. In certain situations, temporary residency visa holders should contact Canadian immigration lawyer, it includes work visa issues or student visa problems. For becoming a permanent resident, you need to stay for a period of 3 years in Canada.

  • Who Can Be Sponsored in Your Case?

When you apply for a residing visa you can sponsor a few family members which include your spouse, your child who is dependent on you. The family members who cannot be sponsored include your parents, grandparents, sister and brother and other relatives.

  • What Is the Present Situation of Your Immigration Status?

Even if a person already lives in Canada as a temporary resident there are certain laws that require you to take counsel. Whatever detail is given to the lawyer totally remains confidential.

  • Why There Is Need to Hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer?

A qualified lawyer can guide you properly in the immigration process under circumstances like when you are not proficient in English language abilities and there is no progress in your application.

Questions Asked to Canadian Immigration Lawyer Before Hiring Them

  • What Is the Qualification?

The lawyer should have completed 2-4 years of accredited law program to become a lawyer in Canada and should have a license to practice where they are working.

  • Since How Long They Have Been Practicing?

A Canadian immigration lawyer should have 10-years’ experience. If the lawyer is doing work at a large firm you can ask about the duration since they have been working.

  • Do They Have the Expertise in Handling Your Case?

You should choose a lawyer who can handle your case effectively. For e.g., if you are divorced and have a child in joint custody then you need an experienced lawyer in immigration law and family law.

  • Ask Opinion of The Lawyer Related to Your Case and Their Charge

An experienced lawyer will give a thoughtful answer. Expect them to remain hopeful in your case. Most of the lawyer’s charge on the hour basis. Read the contract carefully before signing it.

  • You Can Ask Questions Like Who Will Represent You?

If you work with a law firm chances are there that the lawyer may be different then the one you speak to. If this situation is there you can meet the person who will represent you.


When you decide to move to Canada it is a life changing experience for you. A lawyer provides guidance and helps in the smooth running of the immigration process.