A Few Tips to Follow While Feeding Subliminal Messages

Silent subliminal is a kind of audio recording with affirmations, that is hardly heard and also not understood by our conscious mind. Silent subliminal is directly sent to our subconscious mind, that changes our inner programming and thus can change us and our life too.

One of the reasons why we should not understand all the affirmations consciously can be that our conscious mind usually acts upon old programming.

When we are poor and we hear affirmation that we are earning lots of money every month then our conscious mind tends to reject it. However, if the same affirmation will be repetitively fed to our subconscious mind, then our inner programming too gets changed.

Eventually we will start thinking differently about our earning money, we will start seeing many opportunities about how we can earn more money. Also, we tend to be more active and eventually we start earning more money.

Let us try to know more about what is silent subliminal in this small write-up.

Subliminal is short recording

Subliminal is very short message that you need to feed in your mind. Here you do not need to come to lower conscious level in order to feed the necessary message. It only needs 10 – 30 minutes to play these messages.

You can continue to do your regular work like reading emails, writing an article, while travelling in bus or waiting for your doctor etc. Therefore, you need not loose your time in order to feed subliminal message.

Remember every word of Subliminal message is important

You can get lots of subliminal messages online and few of them are quite effective but few may not be as effective. Following are few things that you must remember while feeding such subliminal messages:

  1. There should not be any negative word used in the subliminal message
  2. Always use the words in present tense.
  3. For example, if you prefer to stop doubting then don’t use the word doubt in your message like “I won’t doubt anymore” rather you must say “I am absolutely sure and I am convinced and believe.”
  4. Some of the words like “now” is also senseless because our subconscious mind does not understand and space or time.
  5. Also, the word “tomorrow” will not be right to use, as for subconscious mind tomorrow is always a tomorrow.
  6. Prefer not to say “I will” as it will reflect about future and not in present tense.
  7. Also, some statements like “I am happy” will not make any difference rather you must give command to subconscious mind by saying “You are happy”.
  8. Also, make sure that volume of the recoding of your message is appropriate so that you can clearly hear it.

If you continue to receive the positive message regularly for weeks or months then you can observe certain changes in you.

You must understand when you send certain positive message to subconscious mind then your conscious mind may reject it initially. However, if the message is regularly fed to your mind then changes in you will occur.