Organize Hippie Costumes from 70s for the Theme Party and Bring Generations Together

Various generations are known for their unique characteristics. Some are known for movies and actors, while some are famous for their Presidents and sports team. However, one thing that distinguishes every era from the beginning is its fashion trend. US, has particularly seen many changes in fashion trend. Dressing sense is still the same, what differentiates it is the repeated development of style and creativity.

One of the popular costume styles in 60’s and 70’s was the hippie style. It was originated in the 50’s, but admired by youngsters in 70’s. 70’s retro and hippie style has given youngsters to add their version of style to their dressing which also means freedom.  Hippie clothing is like street clothing where different designs and unique combinations can be used to make a specific style.

1970 gave birth to the electrifying and fun style to the fashion world. Since 70’s style has left a mark in the fashion industry, many people, prefer theme party which gives them a chance to try 70’s hippie costumes. The best part about these costumes is that, you don’t always have to buy them from online or stores. Your wardrobe has many collections which you wouldn’t have worn for decades. Just take them out and give them some fun loving, colorful style similar to hippie designs. For example, a floral top with full sleeves or white top with loose full-length sleeves will look perfect with a colorful trouser or pajamas and a bandana on head or a headband.

Here are some trends that belong to hippie style –

  • As a woman, you can wear loads of bangles.
  • Wig or colorful hair extensions.
  • Colorful floral tops and shorts for men and women.
  • Loose pants or trousers for both sex
  • A cloth bag with long string to hand around the shoulder diagonally.
  • Velvet flat front open sandals or leather slippers.
  • A headband and sunglasses which are generally off different colors apart from black glasses on it.
  • Torn jeans or tight from the top, but loose at the bottom.

Floral prints, sequins, neon colors, animal fabric and lacy designs were some of the patterns that were cherished a lot in that era. Everybody had fun in mixing colors and experimenting with clothing style. It is therefore, fun to see the same colorful era in costume parties today. There is no fun in getting dressed in normal clothes which you always do. Finding a store that provides 70’s hippie costumes aren’t difficult as well.

There is many old fashion clothing available online and at shops that focus in costumes related to vintage clothing. The hippie style was considered the violent way of protesting against capitalism. At that time, hippie clothes recycled clothes that were bought at cheap price from second hand store. Basically, people bought simple clothes and denied clothes from designers who were trying to make money out of it. Hippies chose natural fiber like wool and cotton and stitched their own clothes which were simple in style.

Hippie’s fashion was borrowed from different culture. There might have been a motive behind this dressing style, but now its meaning has changed. However, the hippie fashion remains the same.