Why You Should Choose Enclosed Auto Transportation for Luxury Cars

About to move out of the state? Planning and executing this can be tedious work.The thought of moving an exotic car can be met with intense worrying and sweaty palms,which makes sense as they’re rare and pricey.

However, with exotic car transport, you can successfully complete the big move withease. Enclosed auto transportation offers vehicle owners the assurance that their property won’t be damaged or stolen while in transit, as it’s boxed in a carrier truck. Read on to learn more about it.


There are 2 options for enclosed auto transportation carriers: soft- and hard-sided.

  • Soft-sided trailers typically make use of a heavy canvas for walls. This covering can be lifted whenever the driver feels the need to check on their load. However, it’s possible for loaded cars to get a layer of dust if the truck passes a dusty road.
  • Hard-sided trailers use high-grade, metal walls. They can be sealed shut, which ensures that your vehicle will arrive without a speck of dirt. However, the driver won’t be able to check on it while in transit.


Loading your car in an enclosed carrier is like storing it in a box. The carrier’s 4 sides and top serve as barriers from elements that might ruin the finish. A spotless paint job can be easily scuffed by hail, sleet, or debris. It can also be affected by harmful UV rays.With an enclosed truck, it’s protected from bird droppings, insects, and other hazards. This means that your vehicle will arrive at your location in pristine condition.


A classic car transport carrier should be able to offer a little more privacy and security. An antique vehicle’s value may attract the attention of potential thieves. Choosing a covered carrier can keep unwanted attention away. The coverings are also securely fastened on all sides. This makes it impossible for theft to happen.

Individual Attention

While open-air carriers can move about 10 autos at once, closed carriers only move a few at a time and rarely more than 5 at once. You’re likely to receive your load sooner because the trucks are smaller and are holding less, but they’re harder to schedule and tend to cost more. It’s definitely worth the extra though, when you factor in the added security you get out of it.

Nothing to worry about, right? Get in touch with companies that can handle classic and exotic car transport right now to get a quote for this service.