Ingredients to Success: The Basic Components of a Concrete Mix

As a homeowner, you want your house to have the strongest foundation it can have. One of the most durable materials you can use is concrete. However, the strength of concrete depends on the ingredients used to make it. To create durable, long-lasting concrete, you need to use the proper ingredients and follow the correct processes in terms of mix ratios and application. If you’re in town and near the store, Sakrete offers concrete products to get you started. Read on to learn the ingredients used to make a durable concrete mix with Sakrete products.


This is the main ingredient. When mixed with cement, it forms a paste that binds the aggregates together. Adding water begins a process called “hydration” which causes the concrete to harden.

Water is essential to the process.The amount of water controls the workability, compressive strength, and permeability of the concrete. Too much of it can weaken the substance,while too little of it can make the mix unworkable.Since concrete structures should be durable, you need to have a careful balance of cement to water.


These include crushed stones, recycled concrete, gravel, sand, and more. They can be natural or recycled materials and make up 60-80% of a typical concrete mix. Acting as fillers within the mix, they provide compressive strength and bulkinessthat affects the size, weight, and moisture content of the mix.

Aggregates are chosen for their durability and workability. To produce a good mixture, aggregates should be free from chemicals, which ensures the concrete’s resilience and maximum efficiency.

Portland Cement

This is a basic and fundamental ingredient needed in the concrete mix. It’s used for various applications. The excellent binding properties are responsible for the strengthof different types of concrete structures.

During theprocess of hydration,Portland cement forms a paste with water that binds the sand and stone.A node forms in each cement particle which expands and links itself up to other particles. This results in a solid mass of durable, sturdy concrete.

A good mixture is composed of specific and balanced ingredients that will create a high-quality, concrete product. You can buy concrete mix products if you’re near store sakrete, which offers various choices of concrete mix ingredients that can help you build a strong foundation for your future home.