Few Routine Maintenance Needed for Wheels and Tires of Your Car

f100 wheels and tires

The wheels of the car are one of the important parts that can facilitate a smooth drive. Both the metal and rubber that creates these vital components represent single interaction point where your vehicle will meet the pavement.

This will also influence almost everything right from the fuel economy to the way suspension of your car gets worn out.

Usually, most of us never give enough attention to the tires and the rims and get these parts serviced regularly, which often leads to suspension damage, uncomfortable rides and many other issues which are difficult to diagnose.

Let us understand few regular maintenances that we should do for our F100 wheels and tires and also few signs that necessitates wheel-related maintenance.

  • Wheel balancing

Often, we tend to overlook wheel balancing that compensates for any uneven wear, deficiency in the tires and rims or any other minor damage which could occur to our wheels.

Following are few reasons why wheel balancing will be necessary:

  1. Tire imperfections because of manufacturing – Few imperfections of tires come to our notice only when we are going at enough speed or putting enough amount of torque on the tire to have any balance problems.
  2. Slipping of tire on its rim – During tire mounting process if improper lubrication is used or due to moderate wear even a balanced tire may slip when sudden brake is applied.
  3. Uneven wear – Also, the uneven wearing of tire can interact negatively with various imperfections of the tire rim. There may be vibrations and also loss of grip because of excessive runout.

Proper wheel balancing will ensure that the wheels will have minimal amount of runout and also proper rotation.

  • Tire replacement

Also, most car owners never remember about timely tire replacement and think that all tires are usable as they passed local inspection or because there is sufficient tread remaining on their old tires.

As a thumb rule, tires must be inspected after driving 50,000 miles or after using for 5 years. Tires generally undergo chemical changes because of exposure to heat from sun or other elements.

  • Wheel bearing replacement

Various components used in wheel bearings are very intricate one that exist within your wheel hubs of the car’s suspension.

When all these metal bearings get worn out, then they lose their capacity to spin freely.

There can be play in the wheels as a result and also create noise, vibrations and many other problems which can lead to diminished driving experience and excessive wear on many other suspension components too.

  • Suspension issues

Other major area where you may get wheel-related problems isn’t in your wheels but suspension of the vehicle.

Certain items e.g. worn struts or brittle bushings, springs and also damaged control arms may result in too much wear and tear which will lead to various problems with the wheels of the car.

If you do not take enough care about all these components, then this damage may inevitably recur even if you replace the tires or rims.