Useful Tips to Avoid Test Day Pressure and Nervousness

Pressure starts to build up when the test day arrives. This is quite normal. Such overwhelming anxiety can be damaging to your performance. It can adversely affect your score too. To prevent such unpleasant situation, we are telling you a few tips that will help in keeping your nerves calm and help you give the best performance on that day.


Preparation is one of the best antidotes for anxiety. When you are well-prepared, you have the confidence that reduces stress right away. You have that inner confidence within you that everything will turn out well. So, does good research, learn, and revise. This is the key to counter stress and also obtain success in the exam.

Before taking the theory test, you should ensure that they have thoroughly done online theory test practice of the Highway Code, attempted mock theory questions and hazard perception tests. There are a lot of revision resources for theory test available on the market that will help in your preparation in terms of driving ability and knowledge.

For last minute cramming, you will find several useful resources on the website, you need to look at available test guides, and memorize pedestrian crossings.

Comfortable outfit

The clothes that you wear also have an impact of how you feel. Tight clothes can make you feel restless and can easily make you tensed. This can impact your performance in the test too. So, it is important to dress in a comfortable outfit that will keep you at ease.

Wear a positive attitude

Your thoughts play a significant role in creating your reality. If you succeed at the mind level, then you are definitely going to succeed in reality and if you lose in your mind, you will lose in reality too.

The mental frame of mind that you keep prior to appearing for the exam, the day of your exam and at the time of taking exam is very crucial for success in the exam. So, keeping positive mindset is very important. It will definitely help in boosting your performance and improving your results too.


You can’t study throughout the day. Your body will get tired at one point of time. Continuous learning will reduce your productivity too. To recharge your physical and mental faculties of the body, it is very important to get a sound and relaxing sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours.

Sleep is one of the best ways to energize your body. In the absence of sleep, there are chances that you can concentrate fully on the exam. To attend the test with a fresh and alert mind, it is important to get a good sleep for few days prior to the test. Switch off your television, mobile phones and other gadgets half an hour before sleep. This will help you easily sink into sleep mode.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated. Water not just removes toxins from the body but also gives you clarity and pleasant inside. Avoid alcohol completely. Begin your morning with one liter of water. Carry a water bottle with you to avoid wasting time for water breaks.

Eat Well

Eat nutritious and light food before appearing for the exam as heavy food can make you feel drowsy.


A little nervousness during exam time is understandable but if you feel a lot of stress and anxiety then these tips will definitely help.