Interesting Facts about the Classic Volkswagen

Volkswagen (VW) is an 81-year-old German automaker. It was one of the best-selling car brands during the 20th century, with over 21.5 million vehicles sold. It created famous models such as the Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Polo, and Passat. From Europe, the brand has expanded its operations to different parts of the world, which is why you can see a VW in Rockville and many other areas. Read on to learn more interesting information about this famous brand.

The People’s Car

During the early 1930s, owning a car was considered to beluxurious, andonly 1 out of 50 Germans could own an auto while the rest could only afford motorcycles. Manufacturers saw the need to make them more accessible,so they started the “people’s car” project. The idea involved the design of Ferdinand Porsche, the owner of the luxurious automotive brand Porsche.

The Love Bug

During the post-war era, VW createdthe world’s favorite love bug, the Beetle or the “Der Käfer,”which was originally known as Volkswagen Type 1. When the company realized that they created a classic invention, they changed its name to VW Beetle.

Germany wasn’t the only one who made an adorable name for the Volkswagen Type 1. In France, they called it the Coccinelle, which translates to ladybug. In Brazil, it was referred to as Fusca; while in Italy, it was named Maggiolino. Both terms mean “beetle.” Mexico called it the Vocho, a slang term for the model. Indonesia went with Kodok, which means frog; and in Bolivia, they referred to it as Peta, which translates to turtle.

The VW Group

The VW Group ranked 7th among the biggest multinational corporations in the world in the 2018 Fortune Global 500. The group owns 12 famous brands from 7 countries.

In 1946, the company bought the Auto Union, the owners of the brand Audi. The VW Group also bought NSU Motorenwerke in 1969. In 1991, the company signed a co-operation agreement with Czech-owned Skoda.Theyalso bought Britain’s Bentley, France’s Bugatti, and Italy’s Lamborghini in 1998.

Over the years, the company’s biggest competitor was Porsche. Volkswagen finally bought Porsche in 2012 and further extended its operations outside Germany. Now, they also sell Ducati motorcycles and TRATON trucks and buses.

The brand has created a lot of remarkablemilestones throughout the years. They were able to overcome many struggles, continued to improve and grow, and managed to establish themselves as a reputable car manufacturer. You can now find a vehicle from VW in Rockville and other parts of the world.