Reasons Why Log Homes Are Better Choices and Energy Efficient

Log homes are usually either pre-cut in factory or site built. Some of the manufacturers or builders customize their original designs to suit the client needs. Before designing a log home, there are a number of advantages that you must take into account, and the most important one is energy efficiency.

Building a log home in countryside or in the city offers a lot of advantages. In this articles, we’ll brief your about a few of the unsung benefits of building a log home. Read on.


Log homes are the oldest surviving buildings in the whole world. Some of the log houses in Europe are more than 8 centuries old. These log homes are valuable assets which you can pass down to generations to come.

Energy Efficient

Such homes offer good Insulation, all thanks to the thick walls. During the summer season, you do not need any air condition, as it stays cool all day long. Similarly, in the winter season, heater is not required. In harsh conditions, a fan or a wood burner can help you maintain comfortable temperature in your house.

Today, log homes can be built with 15 to 20 % more energy efficiency than the traditional brick and mortar ones, provided the building is sealed properly. You can cut down the cost of living by saving on energy to large extent, and live comfortably.

Affordable Price

Building and maintaining a log home might sound an expensive task, but it is just a myth. Not only it is cheaper to build a log home, but the construction is much faster when compared to a brick house.

Noise reduction

The thermal mass, which makes the building energy efficient, also has sound deadening effects on the wood walls. The red cedar and white pine are the best wood species for deadening the sound. Moreover, the curved wood profile disrupts the sound waves and creates a quite room.

Eco Friendly

The materials used to make such buildings are environmentally and ecologically friendly. The construction of wood buildings requires less amount of energy, when compared to the standard ones. By constructing a wood home, greenhouse gas emissions can be controlled to a large extent.

Statistics show that brick homes globally contribute to tons of Co2 emission every year. This is mainly due to concrete production. By building a log home, you are contributing to reforestation. When you live in wood houses, your carbon footprint is reduced.

Ventilation System

In a log cabin, you need not install an expensive conditioning or ventilation system, because it breathes. In order words, the ventilation happens naturally through the wood walls. Unlike in the brick houses, you’ll never feel that the indoor air is too stuffy or dry.

You do not even have to worry about the moisture in the house, when it is raining heavily. This is because the timber walls absorb the excess amount of moisture and give it back when it gets too dry.

If all these reasons have convinced you to have a log home, then you must contact an experienced and reliable builder, who can customise the designs as per your needs. Malarvillan.Se is a reputed company in the field. With their top quality work and flawless construction process, they have won many hearts.