Watching Sky TV in Europe the Easy Way

Not all countries are equal when it comes to television programming. Contracts and content restrictions cause problems for fans that live in one geographical area but wish to view content from another. This is very evident in Europe where many countries are so close together, each with their own television programming options. If you want to enjoy British programming such as Sky TV in Europe then your options have been limited, until now.

British television is picking up in popularity with fans across the globe, no place more so than in Europe. That is why accessing Sky TV in Europe is also gaining in popularity. Fans of Doctor Who, Vanity, Downtown Abbey, and many more, are not limited to just the United Kingdom. While there are deals in place to bring these shows, and many others that have not yet been “discovered” by International fans, to popular streaming services, that is not a guaranteed solution. Many countries simply do not have reliable Internet or streaming options such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

That is where comes in with their service options. British entertainment fans can access Sky TV in Europe with the right hardware that does not have to be costly to get and maintain.

One problem Sky TV fans in Europe face is getting around the security measures in place to keep English speaking entertainment only available to those that live in the United Kingdom. This is accomplished via a virtual private network (VPN) solution which tells Sky TV your location is in an approved area so they will allow you to view the content of your choice.

For those that are already savvy with VPN’s offers a lower cost solution that still provides the same level of access to quality English content.

Both solutions will require a dish and a visible angle to Sky TV satellites as well as a separate subscription to the entertainment package that interests you. If you have a reliable Internet connection of at least 4 MBits per second then you can take advantage of the Sky Go Online option that provides a software based virtual private network and streaming access to the Sky TV service of your choice. This option is great for British TV fans that travel a lot.

Another step that handles for Sky TV fans in Europe is the address and verification process. This solves the problem of starting your Sky TV service when you live in Europe and not the United Kingdom. Whether you get the mid-tier hardware solution or the top level one that includes the VPN router, you will be enjoying Sky TV in Europe in no time.

All hardware is shipped via UPS and will arrive in four to seven days. Tracking is provided once the package has shipped so you are constantly aware of where your purchase is and potential delivery time.

Head over to to get started enjoying Sky TV in Europe. The price, ease of use, and quality service you will receive goes above and beyond the competition.