Common Medical Conditions for Using Prescribed Cannabis Extract

Medicinal cannabis use has increased in the last few years because of the growing research in this field. People are gaining awareness about its therapeutic outcome in several health conditions. It is used to alleviate or treat several ailment symptoms including epilepsy, cancer, aids, and more.

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Common medical conditions that prescribe cannabis

Multiple sclerosis

This disease affects spinal cord and brain, severity and type of symptoms vary but generally include spasm, pain, tingling, balance issues, vision problems, etc. According to research, cannabis extracts can alleviate the pain and spasticity related to MS significantly.

Spinal cord injury

Traumatic injury caused to the spinal cord can impact the sufferer’s motor skills, which can even cause total function loss in some body parts. Muscle spasm symptomatic to spinal cord injury can be reduced with cannabis medicinal extracts. Neurogenic symptoms that are not responsive to standard treatments can be improved.

Spinal cord disease

Spinal cord disease can include spina bifida, MS, spinal stenosis, and syringomyelia. Pain and spasticity are common symptoms of spinal cord disease, which can be alleviated with medical marijuana.


Cancer is incurable and 30% deaths are due to this disease. Cannabis helps to relieve the symptom severity and enhance patient’s life quality. Both CBD and THC element in the marijuana helps to stimulate appetite, which helps in anorexia, cachexia, and weight loss condition the patient’s experience. Chemotherapy can cause nausea, which can be efficiently combatted with cannabis medicinal extracts.


Modern medication and therapy have made it possible for those suffering from HIV/AIDs to live healthy for long. However, the side effects of this modern therapy are challenging but research has revealed that medical cannabis can help to improve several related symptoms like severe nausea, weight loss, anxiety, muscle pain, etc.


Inflammation of joint is a common definition of arthritis. There are different types of arthritis, while the most common and familiar ones are osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The typical symptoms are redness and swelling around joints, stiffness, less motion, severe consistent pain, and weakness. Cannabis medical extract is effective on reducing the chronic pain, which in turn helps to move with ease.


The patient suffers from seizures ranging from mild to extreme. It is a neurological condition, which affects plenty of people. In mild condition, the person experiences a moment of concentration loss, while in severe state there is total unconsciousness. CBD dominant marijuana extracts are an efficient way of decreasing the seizure frequency as well as severity.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease causes digestive tract inflammation including Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. It was reported that with Cannabis IBD patients experienced great health like physical pain relief, enhanced social functioning, ability to work, and less depression.


CBD and THC are great to cure sleep disorders, even insomnia. Sleep latency gets reduced with medical marijuana and drowsiness gets induced. Thus, sleep quality is improved.

Palliative care

In palliative care, medicinal marijuana is an efficient treatment option for aging population. According to studies, medical cannabis can offer great relief in the distressing symptoms and suffering, thus enhancing overall life quality.

Each patient’s needs are different, so discuss this with your doctor first, so as to get the right strain and dosage subscribed.