5 Terms From the Concrete Industry You Should Know

Concrete is one of the most commonly-used materials in the world. It’s safe to say that the planet would be a very different place without the near-constant use of concrete. If you’re going to be using concrete anytime soon, here are five terms from the industry experts that you’ll probably hear and should be familiar with!

Abrasion Resistance

When you’re researching the best concrete adhesive, you may encounter abrasion resistance, which is a reference to the capacity of a concrete surface or decorative to resist friction or rubbing. Over time, such friction can lead to wear and tear, and it’s important that a concrete structure is resistant to such damage. Careful preparation of concrete and regular maintenance can make a big difference in the abrasion resistance.


Anyone who is familiar with sealer for concrete floor will also know about accelerators, which are mixtures used to lessen the time it takes for concrete to set or develop appropriate strength. Plus, accelerators can be used to speed up the chemical reaction and make for a faster overall concrete job. Professionals in the concrete industry can always depend on accelerators to keep the processing moving forward.

Bonding Agent

The best concrete adhesive is a valuable bonding agent that can be used to make coatings or toppings stick to existing surfaces better. You can also use bonding agents or primer to attach new concrete slabs and building assets to older designs. It’s important to pick out the best bonding agent for your particular concrete project, so that you can get the job done on time and within your budget.

Epoxy Resins

Speaking of bonding systems, epoxy resins are organic chemicals that can be used to prepare both decorative and protective concrete coatings. Epoxy resins can also be used as binders or adhesives for areas of cracked concrete. People who work in the concrete industry often use epoxy resins for projects of all scopes and sizes.


Finally, another term from the concrete industry that you should make sure you remember is masking. This is the art of covering specific areas of a concrete surface with a medium like adhesive stencil or tape before putting on a decorative treatment. This particular treatment will only affect the exposed areas outside of the stencil. When you’re ready to learn more about masking and other concrete concepts, you can search for the best concrete adhesive¬†in your local area.