A Guide on Choosing Short Term Loans Direct Lenders

The short-term loans are the fastest way of borrowing money, but some of them have high interest rates. Thus it is suggested that you research well and study the money lending market well.

The short-term loans are the type of loans which are taken for a short period of time and needs to be paid within a specified repayment term. They are useful to cover any kind of emergency expenses. Its main benefits include –

  • You get the money instantly
  • It can be used freely for the purpose you have borrowed it for.

However, when you decide to take short-term loans, you need to find the best ways of getting those on low interest and also need to decide whether they should be taken from the short-term loans direct lenders or brokers. There are a number of short-term loan providers like Bingo loans, which provide it directly.

When you wish to avail the facility of short-term loan it is a good option to look for multiple options which offer loans at a low interest rate. The length of the loan needs to be considered. The loan lenders which provide online facility charge less interest than other lenders because this kind of lenders have to pay for the rent of the building where their office is opened.

Bingo loans
Bingo loans

Knowing the Difference Between Short Term Loans Direct Lenders and Brokers

A short-term loan works as a lifesaver in any kind of emergency. There are two options to take the loan either it can be borrowed directly from the lender or you can take it from the short-term loan broker. Both have some differences like –

Response Time – A direct loan lender will provide immediate feedback after your eligibility for the short term loan is confirmed. However, a broker sends your loan application to other lenders and it takes time before you get feedback.

Confidentiality Issue – The direct short term loan lenders deal with your information in a confidential manner but brokers distribute your information to other short term loan lenders and these lenders do a background check on your credit history.

 Steps in Taking An Online Short Term Loan With The Assistance Of A Direct Lender

Choosing Your Loan Amount – Use an online short term loan calculator to choose the loan amount and the duration of the loan and the estimated repayment will be shown to you and if satisfied you can proceed to the next stage.

Completing the Application – The process is simple. The details like personal details, income, expenses and account details are filled. These details are sent to lenders and you are taken to the lender’s website to sign the documents electronically. Your loan requirements are fulfilled as early as possible.


Thus, the short term loans are the easy solution to the customers who are looking to fix their immediate money problems. These loans place less burden on you as it has fewer installments.