The Assortment of Team-mates Needed to Form A Winning Escape Room Team

The foremost thing that will help a team succeed in escaping the escape room is a good team. This will not only ensure the win but make it a fun experience as well.  People with different skills, together will bring success and speed to the table. For example, some person might be good in puzzles while someone else might be good in numbers and so on.

When you are going for an escape room game, for that matter any reality game, it would be best to bring together people with different skills who will bring their unique specialty to the table.

The following are the type of people a great escape team requires.

  1. The leader – A leader is the most important aspect of any team. He should be someone who is fearless and with the ability to sort out disputes. He should be able to promote cooperation within the team. Being the leader, he should be willing to pass on the baton when required.
  2. The worker – The worker is that person who can execute a task given flawlessly. Such a member is a good follower who can put in the hard work to complete the task given by the leader.
  3. The hawk-eyed – These are the team members who are great finders. They are very good at locating things and are a great asset in saving time.
  4. The collector – Every team needs a collector in their team to collect and safeguard the items such as clues as they go along with the game.
  5. The visionary – As the name goes, this team member is one who has the capability to foresee and link the steps ahead.
  6. The communicator – The communicator’s role is very important. Along with communicating the hints to everyone, he should also make sure that all the members are on the same page as far as understanding is concerned.
  7. The time manager – This team member is in charge of checking the timely execution of work in order to finish the task in time. He should constantly inform the delays if any. All the hard work will be lost if the task is not completed on time.
  8. The thinker – They are the brain of the team and are the natural puzzle solvers. They are extremely focused and don’t stop until they have found the solution.

Any good escape room game needs a varied number of skill-set to complete the mission. This might vary from game to game. For example, the pirate adventure game in escape room Orlando Lockbusters in the U.S., would require different team members to be skilled in different areas, such as knowledge on pirates, puzzles, problem solving, and so on to solve the game.

It is worth mentioning here that the lockbuster game room in Orlando offers five mystery games with different themes. The rooms here are spacious, and the games are highly immersive.

Great things can be accomplished by a great team. The individual commitment to a team effort is what makes a team work.