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Guidelines on Installation and Utilization of Whole House Fans

The whole house fan system has proved to be quite useful to cool the interiors of a home on hot summer days. They work by drawing the fresh air from outside and then circulate it inside the house. If a homeowner is looking for an affordable cooling system that is also highly efficient to cool home atmosphere then they can think of installing whole house fan system.

What exactly is the whole house fan system?

It is a combined functioning system of ceiling fans as well as other cooling devices alternative to air conditioners. Even the common ducting cooling system function can be enhanced to provide cool atmosphere at home. For the whole year, family members can enjoy the cool air without spending much on the electricity bill.

This kind of cooling home system was first introduced in the year 1950 in homes of Southern US. As years passed by its beneficial features was recognized worldwide and led to its adaptation in houses that are located in hot region.

Before you decide to install the whole house fan system, it will be beneficial to know more about the way it works and its uses. If you are staying in or near Salt Lake City, it will be best to enquire by calling the best installers of whole house fan installation SLC. The installers are sure to help in choosing right whole house fan system and install the devices perfectly for you to enjoy cool air at home always.

Know the ways the system works:

Mostly all the fans are installed at the higher level of the house that will be the attic. This way, the hot air of the attic cools easily spreading cool air inside home. The windows in the attic absorb the fresh air from outside to be circulated inside the home atmosphere to reduce the effects of warm air.

The whole fan system is installed considering the climate, the floor plan of the house, the number of rooms to be cooled and the budget the house owner likes to spend to have the cooling air system. Best installers of the cooling systems having years of experience. They will explain clearly to their clients about the functioning of the whole house fan system and help in buying the right reliable devices.

The installation needs to be done by professionals as the attic measurements has to be taken, count the rooms that needs to be cooled and look for ways to arrange the wiring and the cooling devices.

The need to install a whole house fan cooling system:

  • Better option to have a cooling effect the whole year. It needs low maintenance and easy to install. The cooling effect is great and drives away humidity in the air. Works well to have fresh air even in dry hot noon hours of summer days.
  • Cost-effective cooling system. You don’t have to buy air conditioners for the whole house. Thus, saves a lot of money and moreover no need to alter the wall décor of your home.
  • Low-cost energy bills. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of such cooling systems.