Things To Know When You Plan To Remove Permanent Cosmetics

More and more people are now becoming aware of the harmful side of permanent cosmetics. Similar to misshaped or inferior quality microblading or a tattoo, a person can feel intensely regretful and ashamed.

Laser treatment for the removal of cosmetics can be a horrible option for people who wish to get their eyebrows modified. This is because of the primary reason that it can cause burning to your rest of eyebrows. This article serves as a detailed guide to remove your permanent cosmetics after a bad microblading.

About PhiRemoval

It is a “non-laser” form type of permanent form of tattoo, microblading and cosmetic removal technique that is ideal for unsatisfied clients with their permanent cosmetics. Some of the reasons behind their unhappiness are discoloration, formation of uneven lines, or modification in preference due to permanent cosmetic techniques.

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Why should you go for a PhiRemoval treatment?

Some of the important reasons why you must choose for PhiRemoval for permanent color removal are mentioned as below:

  • Tattoo or PMU appears old fashioned
  • Tattoo or PMU is of inferior quality
  • Shape change or pigment migration
  • Unwanted evolution of pigment
  • Social causes
  • Injections or operations
  • Uneven depth
  • Shape isn’t drawn prior to the occurrence of the microblading treatment
  • Very circular or strict inner corners of your eyebrows that resulted from microblading

What are the benefits of undergoing PhiRemoval treatment?

PhiRemoval is one of the best treatments designed for the elimination of permanent cosmetic. Performing this treatment, you are sure to get a variety of benefits from it. Some of them being:

  • Effectively remove anybody tattoo, microblading and permanent makeup
  • Removal of all pigments
  • Better alternative to removal of microblade as compared to laser removal. It doesn’t remove hair of your eyebrow region during the treatment
  • One can easily see the section of pigment removed
  • No long-term side effects are associated with this treatment such as redness, etc. One of the good things about this treatment is that tissues start to heal very quickly
  • It forms a ‘clean’ look after completion of healing and treatments
  • Significantly less costly treatments as compared to other treatments


There are some of the precautions that you must take care to avoid any complications from the treatment.

  • Don’t apply any hygienic or decorative cosmetics on the operated area for ten to fourteen days.
  • Don’t peel the scab post treatment. Let it fall off naturally
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for fifteen days post treatment.
  • Avoid anybody or facial treatments for three to six weeks of post treatment.
  • Don’t exercise or get face or body massages seven days post treatment.


These are some of the important things to know before you perform permanent cosmetic removal treatment. Advance information and preparation will help you get the results as per your expectations.