4 Popular Wall Plates for Kids Play Rooms

If you have young children, chances are you have lots of toys in your house. Whether it’s cars and dinosaurs, dolls and stuffed animals, or arts and crafts, the list goes on and on and on. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have some extra space in your home for all these toys. Maybe you even have a dedicated play room or play area for your children to learn and have fun to their heart’s content. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to make sure you have some special touches in the play room, including kid-friendly¬†wall plates. This way, when you and your children head in and out of the play room, you can switch the lights on and off in style. The best wall plates suppliers make kid-friendly designs that your little ones will love! Here are four fabulous examples.


Your daughter is your little princess, and if she’s a fan of strong-willed heroines and their awesome adventures, then princess-themed wall plate covers could be perfect for her. This is especially true if you’ve decorated the play room with other princess accents, or if your daughter absolutely adores her dolls and castles.


Another great option for wall plates in kids’ play rooms are ones with adventure and transportation designs. You want to encourage your child’s sense of exploration and curiosity about the world around them, and one great way to do that is through travel. Wall plates with this theme include images of airplanes, trains, and automobiles, and this will inspire kids to continue reaching for the stars and dreaming big.


There’s plenty of young children who absolutely love all things athletics. With an abundance of energy and a desire to learn and play with their friends, kids make for promising athletes. If your child likes to watch sports or participate in physical activities, then they will enjoy a sports-themed wall plate cover in their play room.

Girly Girl

It’s normal for many young girls to enjoy fashion and dress up. If your daughter delights in dress up and playing pretend, then a sweet yet sassy wall plate with images of purses, makeup and more will make her day. After all, you know what they say about pretty in pink! There’s just no way to deny that these gorgeous wall plates will make your little girl smile and her play room shine.