Five Very Common Mistakes of CBD Vaping

Often people make many CBD vaping mistakes. In this write up we have mentioned about the same, so that you too do not make those mistakes.

Following are few top mistakes during CBD vaping or buying a CBD vape cartridge that we have heard so far.

1  Going for huge CBD bottle

Your 10ml CBD bottle will contain CBD almost 250mg, which is 2.5% while a 100ml bottle can be a much better deal, as it also contains CBD of 250mg which is just 0.25%.

Such low concentration may not have the same effect. Hence, certainly you may be getting a good bargain, but it will be a waste of money as it will not have any effect.

2  Considering hemp oil and CBD oil as the same

Normally, hemp oil can be much cheaper because it contains too little quantity of CBD. However, don’t get tricked into purchasing hemp oil by thinking that it will have same effect like full spectrum CBD.

Though it may be cheaper, there is a good reason for that too. Remember that, you will get what you will pay.

3  Vaping CBD oil

CBD oil is an oil while e-juice is actually not oil. Hence, it will not go into your vape pen. When you will run out of your e-liquid, you would not try vaping your olive oil, so don’t try to vape CBD oil!

Many people end up doing this most common mistake during CBD vaping that we too hear quite often.

If you vape CBD with e-liquid that is more bioavailable, which will be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream as compared to oral consumption of the oil or any other products e.g. gummies or drinks.

4  Adding nicotine into CBD e-liquid

Never buy CBD vape juice that contains nicotine. Nicotine will degrade CBD, so it will be best to have CBD e-juice for CBD effects and not as certain aid to quit smoking.

For that purpose, you can have some other e-liquid or device for that.

5  Using a device having big coil and tank for CBD

Another very common mistake of CBD vaping is using the regular vape device to vape CBD.

Normally, CBD e-liquid is very runny. You will not want to put in a big tank with big coil because it may probably just get dripped out of air holes. Thus, it will waste your CBD and perhaps create a big mess inside your pocket too.

In order to vape CBD, you will be best off using starter kit or any pod device. Great thing about this will be that they are very well priced devices, hence you can perhaps get away after having separate device meant for the nicotine e-liquid.

Key things that you must remember:

  • Use pod/starter kit for CBD
  • Never add nicotine into CBD
  • Make sure you have high CBD concentration
  • Leave CBD oil totally out of the vape device
  • Never choose hemp oil just because it is cheaper