Nipple Ring Designs – Investing in The Right Jewelry

Piercing is a pleasure but painful process. It could give you the most beautiful and unique experience in an amazing manner. Nipple rings designs are loved by many people all across the world. They are available in plenty of designs and types which make it convenient to get a beautiful look.

Research well

Before purchasing the right nipple ring, you must research well and shortlist the most convenient designs as per your preferences. In this article, you will learn about few things you must take care of while selecting the right nipple jewelry. The jewelry varies as per the size and the style.

Here are some of the most common designs available in the market:

  • Seamless ring
  • Captive ring
  • Dangle nipple ring
  • Bent barbells
  • Circular barbells
  • Nipple piercing retainers
  • Pinchers
  • Straight barbells

The surgical steel nipple rings are prepared from surgical steel which do not have any side effects on the skin. You can conveniently wear it on special occasions as well as for daily wear use. They are plated with pure gold to give you a subtle appearance.

Advantages of the nipple shields

If you wish to show off the nipple piercings, you must go for nipple shields. They consist of a decoration that fits perfectly around the nipple. They are available in different designs from ornate to discs. Not only this, the amazing quality jeweled shields as well as heavy obligation nipple rings are available in the market.

Those who are looking for regular wear jewelry, straight barbell nipple jewelry is your option. They are sensible pieces available in almost every color and shade. If you are looking to add some dazzle, try out the dangle nipple rings.

Choosing the right brand for nipple ring

Now you are familiar with the types of metals used to manufacture the nipple rings as well as the types of designs available in the market. It is important to choose the right store to purchase this jewelry. You must keep in mind that there are plenty of fake rings available in the market. These manufacturers might sell you cheap rings because they have used substandard material to manufacture them. Even if they sell at a lower price, they will still manage to make profit.

This does not mean that you have to go for the most expensive nipple ring. Before proceeding ahead, it is better to make a budget. This will help you while shortlisting the right item. Besides this, you have to choose the color. Colors like gold and silver are neutral and hence can give an elegant look. If you are a beginner, you could try your luck with these colors. Once you are comfortable with nipple rings, you can experiment with bold colors like pink, peach, green, blue or even black.

Further, you could go through the customer ratings of the online suppliers. If they sell genuine products, they will receive at least 4 out of 5-star ratings. This is a sign that you can trust the brand.