How Can A Small Business Make Use of Facebook Marketing?

The use of social media is not just limited to making friends, and sharing pictures with them. It has the potential to promote a business. Facebook is one such impressive social media network that provides a lot of opportunities for expansion of business.

The distinctive feature of Facebook that makes it stand out from other marketing strategies is its affordability. This makes it a feasible option for small businesses that have benefitted by implementing this marketing method. In this article, we will tell you tips to use Facebook marketing for small businesses.

Check the availability of the Vanity URL

Before launching the brand visibility on Facebook, ensure that the vanity URL is there and simple to remember.

In place of doing a manual check that can take up a lot of time, you can try using powerful software services. It checks Facebook extensions, Twitter extensions, and domain names in a few seconds to find availability of desired vanity URL.

Aiad is an Australia-based leading Facebook marketing agency. This company helps businesses to expand by providing effective Facebook Advertising features. Their professionally managed and financially rewarding Facebook advertising campaigns drives a lot of sales to a business.

Use a 3rd Party Platform for content distribution

Another effective way to perform Facebook marketing in a business is by using a third-party platform for distribution of content. Copy-paste of social media content, logging in and logging out from social media websites can take up a lot of time. There is several software applications that can save you from these hassles.

One such software is Hootsuite that can help you publish and distribute content everywhere. This tool provides an easy to use interface that can assist you integrate your Twitter account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile, Google+ page, and other important social networks.

Use an App Publishing Platform

Services like Pagemodo and North Social offer applications that most of the small and middle-size businesses require. These services offer a “freemium” model that provides applications for free of cost. These apps help you manage the visuals and content within pre-build apps. This is helpful for businesses if your budget is limited.

To launch a few of these apps, you have to set up the below-mentioned apps:

  • A Welcome Page
  • A Contact Us Page

Use Social Plugins

Facebook social plugins are underestimated free plugins that are not extensively utilized by businesses. Besides use on 3rd party websites, these plugins can be used on Facebook applications to create a deeper engagement, and driving a lot of traffic to the application.

Irrespective of the type of business, make generous use of social plugins on Facebook apps, websites, and blogs. The best part of using these Facebook plugins is that they do not cost anything and are easy and fast to promote your message and brand via referral traffic.


Launching a marketing campaign can be an overwhelming experience for any business. These are a few simple marketing tactics that can incredibly benefit your brand.