Common AV Mistakes to Avoid at Your Event

Whether you’re planning a big event or a simple gathering, preparation is the key to ensuring its success. But, the audio visual set-up is prone to technical errors and difficulties. Here are the common AV mistakes to avoid.

Booking Your AV Company Late

The AV company should be the first in your list of suppliers to hire. Involving them in the early stages of your planning will allow them to implement your goals and work within the budget. You can even hire an audio visual system supplier before booking a venue so they can help you find the best location for your vision.

Assuming Everyone Is Ready

One of the most common mistakes planners make is assuming that everyone is ready on the day of the event. But, doing this will cause difficulties and mishaps before it even begins. Instead, conduct a meeting a week or two prior to the date and lay out all the requirements. Make sure they’re aware of their roles and that all questions they may have are answered. This will ensure that you and your team are on the same page.

Not Having a Backup Plan

No matter how much you organize, something can still go wrong. It’s crucial to always have a plan B. Before the event starts, check if you have backup equipment such as microphones, laptops, and projectors. It’s also better to have multiple copies of the presentations, videos, and other files. Ensure that these are on hand and are working properly.

Not Giving Enough Time to Set-up

Make it a part of your planning process to talk about the estimated set-up time. You want to give them an ample amount of time to install everything safely and accurately. Doing this will prevent any accidents during your event.

It’s also essential to give them enough time for dry-runs. Before the event starts, test all your equipment and presentation materials to make sure they’re working. This will allow them to quickly address any issues or potential problems.

Preventing technical difficulties in an event isn’t easy. There are bound to be small hiccups that you and your AV team should be ready to address immediately. Thankfully, there are plenty of suppliers of audio visual systems Houston TX who’ll make sure that your event’s technical needs are taken care of.