4 Different Kinds of Metal Roofs

Are you remodeling your home? If you’re looking for something new and interesting, a metal roof is always a good option. Here are a few kinds you can consider:


Copper roofs have been around for a long time, all the way back to the Roman Empire. It’s still found today in several residential and commercial structures.

It’s extremely beautiful and great for roofing. The material has a metallic red color and acts as a focal point for the structure. And, as it ages, it develops a blue-green patina due to oxidation and sun exposure, making it more pleasing to look at. Aside from that, it’s also durable and lasts for decades, sometimes even up to a hundred years.


Zinc is known for its beauty and environmentally friendly properties. It’s also a great option if you want something reliable that makes your home look amazing. The metal is resistant to corrosion and is the perfect choice if you live somewhere with high humidity.

When you add zinc to an alloy, you get something that’s ductile and malleable. Professionals can form it into unique and interesting shapes to give your home a gorgeous roofline.


Aluminum is the third most abundant metal in the world and is used for a wide variety of purposes, including roofing. It’s also great for buildings that have to stand up to harsh weather.

The material is lightweight, making it easy for contractors to install. But, despite being thinner, it’s still strong and durable. And, once it’s done its job, you can have it recycled, which means there’ll be little waste. Another big selling point is the fact that it doesn’t corrode very much. It works great in coastal environments.


Steel is an alloy made from a combination of iron and other elements. The material is one of the most affordable, especially compared to other metals. Below are its 3 kinds:

  • Galvanized – A layer of zinc is added to protect the steel underneath from corrosion. It’s one of the most common steels used in roofing.
  • Galvalume – This is similar to galvanized, but it uses aluminum alongside zinc. This combination offers better protection against corrosion. Galvalume also provides smaller and smoother panels than other types.
  • Weathering – This was originally made for steel industries, like bridge construction. The outer layer is intentionally designed to rust to protect the inner one. But, because of this, you can’t use it for structural support. The material is best used for accent roofs with the understanding that it’ll need regular maintenance.

These are just a few kinds of metal roofing Ocala FL. They all have their advantages and the choice is still up to you. If you want more information, do your research online or ask an expert.