3 Amazing New Food Innovations

Two essential daily needs are food and drinks. In the past, everything was straightforward. Peoplegot meat from cattle, veggies and grain from farms, and water from wells and rivers. But, because of technology, society has been able to develop other methods to consume these.

Many spend millions of dollars on innovations and new cooking techniques to make food that the world has never seen before. Read on to learn 3mouthwatering examples.

Plant-Based Burgers That Taste Like Real Meat

Recently, studies on how consuming animal-based products contributes to global warming have been rising. So, many opted to avoid them. But, after transitioning to this new habit, vegans started missing the taste of dishes they were once used to eating.

Many tried to recreate them with veggie substitutes, but the results couldn’t duplicate the experience they got from real meat. Luckily, some scientists are up for the task. They use different techniques to mimic the taste and texture of meat. They combine multiple plant products, but their key component is beet extract, which makes them juicy.

Edible Water Orbs

For the longest time, using bottled water has been the norm. It’s a convenient way of carrying this thirst quencher with you. But, because of its wide use, plastic containers have been piling up on landfills. The amount of trash created is too hard to reverse since they take a long time to break down.

To reduce the use of plastic containers, the company Skipping Labs developed a product called Ooho. It’s a stable, flavorless, transparent orb you can drink water from. It looks similar to a bubble. After you finish drinking from it, you can eat the whole thing because it’s made of non-toxic algae. You can also choose to just throw it away since it’s biodegradable.

Grapes That Taste Like Cotton Candy

Many like cotton candy, but it’s not meant to be consumed every day because it’s packed with refined sugar, which is bad for the health. But, you can get the same tasty treatminus the negative effects with cotton candy-flavored grapes.

People might assume that they’re full of genetically modified organisms (GMO), but that’s not the case. According to the inventors, the cotton candy grapes were carefully designed by crossbreeding different wild grapes to get the desired taste.

These examples barely scratch the surface of all the advancements in today’s food and beverage industry. There’s plenty left for you to discover, and moreare on the way. It won’t stop because there are people who always want to innovate and push boundaries. You can look for a good innovative technology seminar that can help you do the same.