Pulling Vehicle Safely from The Side of the Road – Know How You Can

Driving is not an easy task you have to look for many things while driving such as road rules, traffic signs and more. It’s most important to understand and follow safety rules when driving yourself in order to avoid accidents.

While driving, you have to be in middle of the lane, in case there are no marks on road dive close to the left side. When changing lane, check for near vehicles in the mirror and give signal. Also, you have to give way for the vehicles in lane where you are going into.

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The following is some information on road rules that help you in pulling out your vehicle from the side of the road safely.

Merging lanes

Few times a lane line may not merge with others. When it merges, give way to others on the lane, you have to be cautious while merging.

Slip lanes

This lane helps to improve traffic flow and safety for vehicles when turning left. You can stop in slip lane only when you see parking indication. These lanes will be marked with traffic or painted island.

Special lanes

Few roads have special lanes that are set to a side for vehicles including buses, bicycles and buses. Also, there will be special sigs, which indicate the purpose. These lanes also serve as part-time lanes, when not in use.

Bus lanes

Bus lanes are mainly for buses, but other vehicles like hire cars, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles function under maritime and road direction can also uses the lanes. Vehicles other than buses can use these lanes for 100 meters.

Transit lanes

Vehicles that contain specific number people can use these lanes such as buses, taxis and hire cars, motor cycles, buses and other emergency vehicles. These lanes are of 2 types, they are:

  • T2 lane – for vehicles that have people 2 or more, including driver
  • T3 lane – for vehicles containing 3 people or more including driver

When moving sideways of road you need to have patience. Don’t be hurry, take time and ensure safety before moving into traffic.

Process to pull your vehicle from sideways of road:

  • Check rear and side in mirrors to know what’s happening around your car
  • If everything is fine, keep right indicator at least three seconds before moving
  • Keep the car gear and be prepared for pulling out
  • Check in another mirror
  • Check for other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists over the shoulder
  • Then, move forward when turning steering away from kerb
  • Accelerate smoothly away from kerb to position the car in lane
  • Check mirrors once again after joining traffic
  • Switch off your indicator, in case it doesn’t turn off automatically

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