How To Earn Your Living With Music

Music has become a way of expression of emotions nowadays. The majority of independent artists promotes and sells their music through online stores. It helps them in gaining listeners, growing fan base, and earning streaming royalties.

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How to make money with music?

  • Earning streaming royalties through digital distribution

Nowadays people use various streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to listen and enjoy their favorite music tracks and podcasts. A distribution network helps you distribute your music on major digital platforms worldwide and collect royalties from those streaming platforms.

It is beneficial for independent artists to stream their upcoming and unreleased songs on the two most globally available platforms like Spotify and Apple Music for a broader fan base and to make their music available worldwide.

  • Playing live

Playing live is the most profit-making way for artists to earn a heavy amount of living. It is a good way to not only generate income but also building an audience and a growing fan base.

  • Creating an electronic press kit

An EPK is a digital collection of your music, documents, videos, and images. To review your band, venues use this EPK information. EPK includes:

  • Links to your songs
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • A short and relevant bio of your band
  • High-quality images
  • Reviews about your band
  • Music videos
  • Contact information
  • Selling band merchandise

Band merch is big business, selling your band merchandise online is an effective way to make extra funds. With a merchandise store, you can generate a heavy amount of income.

How to sell band merchandise online?

  • Creating designs- design a unique and attractive logo for your band that can be printed on the merchandise.
  • Set up your store- Shopify helps you to set up a fully automated merchandise store in minutes
  • Integrate with print-on-demand app- services like shipping, manufacturing, and logistics can be outsourced easily to A third-party firm with the help of print-on-demand applications. You will not have the burden of paying print on demand companies unless your products are sold. They will automatically be credited by a percentage of your sales.

Teaching music online

Depending upon the leisure time you have, you could teach music or sell your lessons online. You can create a YouTube channel for giving lessons for music and instrumental learning. You can earn well if you succeed in gaining more subscribers. This proves to be an effective way to boost your income.

Things to know before selling your beats online

  • Experience in beat production

Before selling your beats online, you should know how to produce it. Your beats will only be purchased by artists if you can provide them with some technical quality. It is not some kind of work that can be pursued abruptly.

  • License rights

Anyone who is up for buying your beats is automatically obtaining the license to use it in their music. So you should be fully aware of the kind of licensing and the rights that are giving to the buyer.

  • Marketing techniques

Instead of exploring every type of niche, you can focus on just one category in which the creation and sales of beats will be to its maximum extent. The performers can be very specific about their choices so this will help in attracting them. Use social media platforms to make a great online presence and sell music online.


By following the above guidelines, you can easily and effortlessly build up the audience and earn your living. Promoting and selling your music online is the best way to make money.