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Comparison between Colourbond and Tile Roof for Your Home

Roof is one most important element of every house that offers us protection against sunlight, rain, dust, storm and all kinds of hostile weather. Therefore, one need to select their roofing methods very carefully.

Following are generally 2 different options available in Australia and both of them are quite popular too.

  • Traditional concrete tiles
  • Corrugated metal roofing by using bonded paint finish

People have been using concrete tiles in Australia for more than last 75 years and still it remains a first choice of many people in this country. However, in recent years use of colour bond roofs too has increased. Originally it has come from USA and people find it very refined material, which is resistant to chipping, corrosion, peeling and cracking.

Besides that, colour bond roofs can also offer an aesthetically pleasing roofing option and therefore, many people nowadays prefer for this option.

City2Surf Roofing is one well-known roofing company who has a very good experience of installing both kinds of roofing in Australia.

Both these options have their own merits, however mostly it is individual taste and preference, based on what people may decide their option. However, in this article we shall discuss about pros and cons of both the options, so that you can make your informed decision.

Pros and cons of metal roofs

Let us first try to know various pros of going for metal roof option:


1.  Longevity

You can expect metal roof to last for 40 to 70 years based on the material chosen.

2.  Durability

For any kind of weather condition metal roofs can easily withstand and also they are fire resistant.

3.  Maintainability

Usually they come with 25 years warranty and in additional 12 years for chipping/flaking. Hence needs very little maintenance.

4.  Energy efficiency

They can easily reflect sunlight and thus can reduce your cooling costs by 10 to 25%

5.  Environment friendly

All metals are recyclable and considered as environment friendly.


1.  Noise

Metal roofs are usually too noisy during hailstorm or even during rain though they are durable under such conditions.

2.  Performance

If it is installed in inappropriate manner then it can trap moisture and cools the roof during night.

3.  Colour matching

It may be hard to find exact matching colour while replacing or during home expansion.

Pros and cons of concrete tile roofs


1.  Longevity

Can last for 100 years too

2.  Soundproofing

It can provide much better sound insulation as compared to metal roofing.

3.  Environment friendly

The concrete material is derived from the earth and hence it is quite environment friendly material.

4.  Energy efficiency

It can regulate temperature inside very well.


1.  Difficult installation

Installation has to be done very carefully with proper measurement and hence takes longer time.

2.  Needs more maintenance

Tiles can always be quite brittle and hence due to heavy impact can always break. Hence, need regular repair and maintenance.

3.  Higher cost

Based on the material you choose, it can always be a costly option, particularly if you prefer for slate roofing option.