GMP Certified CBD – Why Does It Matter?

Entrepreneurs, as well as manufacturers, are trying to take part in the CBD Gold Rush. However, without proper certifications, there’s no way to confirm that the products they are creating are of high quality.

This is where important certifications such as Good Manufacturing Practices can be found. These certifications help ensure that companies & manufacturers adhere to quality measures in order to protect consumers. This article will cover GMP meanings, the reasons for its existence, and the implications of CBD.

What is GMP exactly?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. This certification, which is issued by FDA to manufacturers in compliance with the highest manufacturing standard, is called GMP.

GMP can sometimes be referred to as Current Good Manufacturing Practices. It more or less has the same meaning.

The FDA’s attention on GMP certifications in order to ensure manufacturers adhere to proper production processes in the following industry sectors: cosmetics, vaccines, select foods & Supplements, vaccines, pet & veterinary medicines, and pharmaceuticals.

FDA has high hopes for the manufacturing industries. GMP-certified businesses can expect to attain certain qualities.

  • Proper training of employees
  • Valid record keeping
  • Proper equipment functioning & testing
  • Cleaning protocol and sanitation regulations
  • Acquisition of raw materials through various means
  • Batch consistency
  • Quality assurance

Effective processes in place to allow batch recall

GMP certification requires a request. Only after the FDA has performed multiple thorough inspections of a production facility, which can take many months, is it granted.

Why Is GMP A Standard?

GMP standards are important because, according to the FDA, “A person usually cannot tell (by smell, touch, or vision) if a drug product will be safe or whether it will work.” If consumers cannot detect the presence of contaminated products by themselves, it’s vital that they be monitored.

GMP certification from FDA is the solution. GMP has established standards to help consumers identify potentially unsafe, contaminated or mislabeled products.

Non-compliance with GMP laws can result in products being seized, recalled, or taken from a market. GMP regulations ensure safety and are an important reason why American products are synonymous with high quality.

Why is GMP Certified CBD important?

GMP certification for CBD oil is important.

CBD has become a wildly popular product over the last few decades. It has been known for its ability to boost inflammatory function as well as overall well-being. Unfortunately, CBD’s meteoric rise as a popular health supplement has been marred by greedy manufacturers.

Unfortunately, FDA has struggled to keep pace with the growth of CBD. The CBD boom has made it clear that millions of vulnerable consumers are exposed to CBD products that were not manufactured under GMP-regulated guidelines.

The current unregulated cannabis market and independent lab testing prove why it is so important to only purchase GMP-certified CBD.

How is GMP Certified CBD different?

GMP Certified CBD can ensure that you have confidence in the quality of your product. These are just some of the important aspects that GMP CBD is certified to be pure and high-quality.

Quality Is What We Should Emphasize

GMP CBD products comply with established standards for hygiene, facility conditions manufacturing batch records, laboratory checks, material control and responsibilities to the quality unit.