The Right Lawyer to Choose After an Animal Attack or Dog Bite

A dog bite can lead to serious injuries. Many animal attacks can result in permanent injuries, scarring, disfigurement, or permanent disability, as well as long-term and lifelong psychological trauma. These injuries, and even death risks, are dramatically magnified when a young child is a victim. Contrary to auto accidents, slip-and-fall, and defective product injuries, however, dog bites can be very complicated and confusing. It is difficult for a non-lawyer to claim compensation for the injuries. Denver dog bite attorney can help you identify a lawyer who will understand the law and prepare a compelling case to win you the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bite Laws vary from State to State

A few states apply a basic negligence standard. Dog owners are liable for their dogs’ negligent behavior. Some states also have a strict liability standard. Dog owners are liable if their pet bites someone, regardless of negligence. Another popular approach is to make owners liable only if they know that their animal has a tendency to attack or bite. This is often known as the “one free bite” doctrine. While an owner may not be liable for the initial attack, the next one will.

However, there are many states that combine elements of the three theories of liability. New York is one example. Animal owners are strictly liable if an animal attacks a person. But, they are not liable if other legal damages result. California law holds dog owners responsible for an animal that attacks someone on public property or their private property. Georgia has two options for dog owners. They can be held responsible for injury due to negligent management or allowing their pet to roam free if it is vicious or dangerous.

The Right Animal Attain Attorney Can Help

Dog bites can cause serious injuries. These include compound fractures, facial lacerations, puncture wounds, internal injuries, Nerve damage, Scarring, Disfigurement, and Rabies. Victims often suffer permanent disabilities from an animal attack, including depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and a lifelong fear or anxiety of dogs or open spaces. It is possible to die from an attack on an animal, especially if it is a small child.

A victim of an injury may not need to prove the full extent of their damages. Pet owners can also claim that the victim provoked the dog or took the risk of getting bit. Dog bite victims may hesitate to sue their pet owner because they do not know the law or because they are not friends, family, or neighbors of the owner. Many times, however, insurance will cover the costs of all or part of the treatment required and any other financial injuries that result from the attack. This is exactly what insurance is meant to do.

Dog bites and other animal attacks are responsible for over 1000 emergency department visits daily. Many people also die every year from dog bites. In addition to securing compensation for yourself and your family members, taking action against the owners of dangerous animals will also help make the community safer.