Best Ways to Win and Escape an Escape Room

The popularity of escape rooms is increasing incrementally these days. Not only kids, but even adults and employees of companies are enjoying the escape rooms. Escape rooms are becoming popular due to various reasons. One of the major reasons is that they are a great way to get out of the monotonous life. They add much spice and adventure to lives.

Escape rooms are so enjoyable that they are irresistible to all. You are supposed to enter the room along with your team. There, you will have to solve different puzzles and issues if you want to come out of the room. This forces you to think out of the box and think critically under pressure. This is why they are loved by all.

If you are planning to go to an escape room, then you must consider going to Captivating Worlds. It is one of the best Columbus escape rooms because it has multiple fun activities. It is spread over 5,600 sq. Ft areas. It offers a very immersive and real experience to its guests. They allow you to bring 8-12  people in a batch to solve a problem.

What makes them different from the rest of the escape rooms is that they make the best use of the technology in their escape room. They offer 60-75 minutes of fun to their guests. They also handle corporate activities and events in their escape rooms. Many companies bring their employees there because the escape room is a great way to enhance team work.

Tips to get out of any escape room

While almost every escape room is made differently, there are a few tips which apply to all of them. These tips will allow you to solve the issue and appear smart in front of your friends and family:

1- Keep a used key in the lock- when you are managing locked doors in an escape room, then you will come across many locks and many keys. If you start to keep the keys together, then you will get confused as all the keys will be mixed. The best way is to keep the key in the lock, which is opened by it.

2- Create a “trash pile” – it is highly advisable that you keep things separately. All the objects have some purpose in the activity. To maintain clarity, create two piles. One is composed of the used props and the other of unused props. This will ensure that the props don’t get mixed and you don’t get lost in them

3- Communication – communication is the key to all group activities. If you are in an escape room, then your success will depend on how well you communicate your ideas and solutions with the entire group.

4- Leadership- whenever there is a group activity, there has to be a leader otherwise the group will run helter-skelter. You must take the initiative and take the horse by the reigns. Take control of the situation as soon as possible.


Always make sure that you remain calm in the escape rooms because only a calm mind can think of a solution.