Which Is Better Among Slate or the Tile Roof?

Are you planning to replace your present house roof? Many of you may be looking for different materials that will be suitable for your roofs and your decision will be mostly influenced by the following few factors:

  • How much are you ready to spend on your roof?
  • How you want your house to look?
  • What will be the durability of the material that I choose?
  • What should be the right type of roofing materials generally preferred?

All such questions regarding your Sydney slate roofing can be properly answered by a highly experienced roofing contractor like NSW Slate Roofing PTY Ltd, who has specialization in slate materials. Any contractor with whom you consult about roofing matters will first have a look at your present roof and then can offer you an estimated budgetary cost of the new roof.

Often people remain confused between slate roofing and normal tile roofing while considering material for a new roof for their home. So, let us try to understand the basic details about both these types of roofing material.


You can find slates in three different varieties:

  • Natural
  • Artificial
  • Zinc

Usually, a natural slate will be made out of a fine-grained metamorphic rock, which is split into a few thin layers. Slates can be quite expensive, but they can offer an authentic as well as a pleasing aesthetic look for a traditional-style home.

Slate roofs are often found on a few upscale homes and they have a very long lifespan, offer good fire protection, and quite invulnerable to rot or any insect damage. Due to all these properties, the slate will need very low-maintenance.

Most slate available is in grey shade however you can also get in different colours and textures too.


Most tiles are normally produced from clay or concrete and you can find them in different designs and colours. So, they are quite suitable for any modern house rather than slates. Both clay tiles and slates will have a life expectancy of nearly 50 years and their durability and resistance are almost the same.

Usually, you will get concrete tiles in interlocking or plain fittings and they are bigger than clay, and hence they can be easily installed however, in the case of roofing having skylights or plenty of chimneys, you will need smaller tiles for fitting around your structures better, hence clay will be used.

More the flatter your tiles are, the easier and quick is the installation process. However, you can still prefer to layer up their fittings to offer increased weather protection by paying a bit higher.


Both slates and tiles for the roof are quite vulnerable to breaks, faults, and displacement, and hence you will always need to hire fully trained and experienced professionals for handling the roof with great care.

There are a few reputed roof installers available in the market that must be hired while repairing and doing any maintenance work for tiles or slate roofs. Such contractors can easily tackle all kinds of issues both on commercial or domestic buildings with greater ease.