How to Decorate The Rooms In Your House With Candles – Know The Tips

Most people overlook candles, but they give light and create a great ambience when electric lights are not in use. The right candles give a pleasant smell, serene ambiance, and mystic look to any place in the house. Due to this reason, candles are considered to be one of the best decorative pieces of the house.

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Tips to decorate your home with candles

Candles come in different sizes, holders, and scents and they blend with any kind of home interior. In this article, you can learn a few tips to decorate your home with beautiful candles.


Whether you want to arrange a coffee table or romantic dinner, choose candles of different colors and shapes that match the design of your kitchen. Food scented candles like caramel and vanilla, cinnamon, lime, orange, and others are ideal in the kitchen. Also, you can use hanging candles or even scatter candles on the counter space for an attractive look.


Add scented candles in your bedroom to give a relaxed or romantic touch to your bedroom. Keep a few candles in the decorative plate or shallow bowl or light up candles on the windowsill for a nightly glow. The perfect candles for the bedroom are vanilla, eucalyptus, lavender, or others.


For the fresh bathroom, use bright colored candles for your luxurious bathroom. Match the candles with the walls, rug, shower curtains, or other interiors. By this, you can give a clean scent and spa-like look to the bathroom. Place scented candles near the sink or over the countertop. Cucumber, citrus, and linen are the best-scented candles in the bathroom.

Living room

Scented candles in the living room will add positive energy and relaxed, welcoming, and sociable vibes to the room. Add candleholders or decorative trays for a cozy and warm environment. Placing few candles over the bookshelves or add a candlelit fireplace (use pillar candles) to create a unique style and relax feeling in the room. Choose floral scents, cinnamon, fruity scents, or sandalwood are a few best options for the living room.


If you like to create something imaginative, decorate outside places or tables with tealight candles or a few smallholders. This not only creates lighting and a charming look but also keeps the bugs away from your house as well.

Precautions to take when decorating your home with candles

  • Safety is the main concern when using candles. Place the candles away from the fabrics as they may catch fire. Also, place them close to the heat-resistant surface.
  • Avoid candles that produce an intense or strong smell. Also, don’t use scented candles when having meals.

Whether it is a holiday or a dinner date, candles can make every occasion beautiful. So, choose a reputed store that sells pure scented candles and order them today to give a warm welcome to your guests.