7 Things You Need To Know Before Your Wedding Florist Meets You

These are some things you should consider before meeting with your florist for your wedding.

1) Get To Know Your Numbers

This information is the most crucial before you meet with potential florists. You must share financial information with your florist to make the most of the consultation. This will enable them to give you the best advice possible and make the best choices for your arrangement. Here are some important numbers to remember:

  • Budget
  • Bridal Shower
  • Number of guests

2) Choose The Type Of Florist You Want

Are you in need of the services of a professional event designer? Someone who can help you visualizes your wedding and assists with the design of your flowers. You may want to hire a big, established florist that is associated with a well-known brand or a smaller, more intimate florist. Your florist will need to rent or supply candles and table rentals. Do you prefer a traditional florist to one that is more modern? Consider which florist falls under your chosen category and whether they are the right fit for you.

3) Understanding Your Personality

The most important thing is to have an idea of what kind of flowers you want. If you are looking for wild arrangements or classic lines that fit a more formal atmosphere, tell your Sydney florist. Look at the photos and get an idea of what is most striking to you. Take photos! Photographs are what we love. For different brides, simple and elegant descriptions might mean different things. Some women like a simple and elegant cluster of candles to center a table. Others prefer a tall arrangement of solid white peonies and/or hydrangeas.

4) Get To Know Your Colors

This is an important aspect of your bridal flower arrangements. Clients will often come to a consultation to discuss their choices. There isn’t much that a florist can do if they don’t have an idea of the colors you are looking for. Colors can have an impact on style, mood, and emotions. They also influence which flowers will be available for your wedding season. A florist may be able to show the bride beautiful flowers that can be made in that color scheme if she states that the bride wants her flowers white and yellow.

5) Understand Your Priorities

Do you want floral to be the main focal point of your big day or just a small accent? Before you visit your floral consultation, determine the most important floral categories to you. If you have a limited budget, you can decide if you need to spend more money on your bouquets, ceremony, centerpieces, or table centerpieces. You can choose to prioritize certain flowers or to increase the overall size of your arrangements if you have a flexible budget.

6) Understanding What Is Realistic

Many weddings cost more than the average wedding budget. It is important to have a budget that covers the cost of decor and reasonable expectations for flowers. Be honest with your florist about your budget and ask for help if necessary. The florist may help you to price your goal and figure out how to adjust your budget.

7) Recognize That Your Wedding Flowers May Contain More Than Meets The Eyes

Flowers can add more to the wedding atmosphere than a beautiful background. One of the strongest memories is linked to scent. It means that the scent of perfume can take you back to your wedding. While choosing wedding flowers, consider how the scent will impact your wedding day. You might want to include your favorite floral aroma in your arrangement. You might want to include rosemary’s warm and rustic aroma in your reception. The use of smell may allow you to transport your guests from one place to another.