What Are The Necessary Requirements To Get A Notary License

Notary license is a type of non-mandatory credential for a broad range of professionals. The pre-requisite for getting this license differs from one state to another. Getting some information about the academic and professional experience requirements, application procedure, mode of taking test, etc. all will help in qualifying for the notary license.

Who are Notaries?

Notaries are licensed professionals. These professionals act as an official witness when legal contracts and documents are signed. As per the “National Notary Association”, these are legal paraprofessionals that are authorized by the states of residence. To begin applying for the notary licensure, you need to click here to start the application

Who appoints notaries?

Notaries are mostly selected by the “Secretary” of the state where they reside. All those candidates who are interested in becoming notaries need to submit their application form straight to the office of the Secretary of the state. This application form can also be submitted via the clerk’s office in the county of residence. Duration of notary appointment is 4 years.

Requirement to get a notary license

There is no such requirement in case of academic qualification to secure a notary license. It is required that a candidate need to be eighteen or more than eighteen years of age. It is very important that a candidate has a spotless criminal record.

There is a pre-requisite for notaries to have undergone complete training to obtain an indemnity bond and clear the examination successfully. He has to be proficient in speaking and writing the English language. The applicant has to be living in that county.

Training requirement

It is mandatory for a candidate to complete the required training course. This training course differs by states. It is important to learn about the training course in your state.

Who can apply for a notary license?

People from different professional backgrounds can apply for obtaining a notary license. Some of the most appropriate fields are law, accounting, banking, real estate, government and auto sales.

Bonds and Insurance

There are a few states that require notaries to buy a warranty bond. This bond includes the damages that are caused to people by improper behavior on behalf of the notary agent or professional negligence. As per the “National Notary Association”, a few notaries even buy omissions and errors insurance to safeguard them from legal damages due to their accidental errors or mistakes.

Testing and Appointment

After getting the necessary training required for becoming a notary and completing the bonding procedure, an applicant is eligible to attend the state level notary exam. Notary exams can even be taken online as per the convenience of the applicant.

On passing this exam, the applicant needs to submit his application to the concerned state government office.


This was all about notary, pre-requisite of notary license and mode to submit the application. By equipping with all this information, prior to beginning with the application procedure will help you secure your notary license easily and, in a hassle, free manner.