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Music Is In The Heart Of Memphis Which Is The Home of Blues

It was in the 20th Century, that the Blues Club situated on Beale Street, Memphis, started the Blues Music. Since then, various music genres like rock n roll, hip hop and other multi cultured music mix has been promoted. Musicians like Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lewis, and B.B King had started their career in 1950s from Memphis.

It was the Sun Studio, during the World War II that brought music for army men to console them during fight. This studio is known for bringing out many musicians and singers into the world. The studio still holds its place as one of the historic monument for tourist to a take feel.

memphis hotels

One such music that was introduced by the blues was Jazz. Jazz music is a genre that was originated in African- American Community. This music was different and lively. However, jazz cannot be explained exactly as to what kind of music it is because it always has improvisation from its musician. To know better, let’s get into the its life –

  • History
  • Present


In the 19th Century, at New Orleans in a dance room, Buddy Bolden, moved away from its music troop and played solo. It is said that jazz originated from there. It was certainly lively music that blew away minds of many musicians.

During drought in Memphis, the blues started this Jazz music to lighten the tensed mood of residents on the porch of Beale Street. Thus that is how Memphis became the Home of Blues. Thus, the Delta Blues, rock n roll, Sun Studio, as well as Stax Studio all got fame from jazz music and is still in the blood of Memphians. Later, this music was played on street, church, clubs, bars restaurants in improvised way and many other musicians tried their level of jazz to bring out.


Memphis is now covered with jazz music all over the street and restaurants. Even festivals and events are incomplete with jazz. Beale Street is flowing with music and till date you can see troops with their instrument busy all day long playing their kind of jazz.

Even now, the radio station WUMR-92 plays music of public choice which often includes jazz as priority. The Memphis University held its own Jazz music festival. New Orleans may be the Homeland of Jazz, but it Memphis that has kept it alive.

Music is one art which cannot be forgotten for decades. It is not only a profession, but also a way to relax and ease mind. Even an infant can recognize music and enjoy its melody. High school is the correct time when students understand every instrument and take it in their hands.

It is really exciting to see these young kids in auditoriums performing for their school. To understand and learn jazz one has to know the origin of it and also hear great musicians playing it.

Memphis is all about music, and therefore one should feel it from heart. Even if it is rock n roll, jazz or hip hop, Memphis can play any music. Today’s music has advanced a lot, thanks to advanced technology ad instruments. Each music genre has been improvised in its own way and Memphis has got a lot of talent and deserves to be way ahead.