Swimming Pool Leak Repair

You’ve been noticing that the water level in your pool has been receding a little day by day. Your pool builder said this would happen, especially in the summer due to the hot sun and evaporation. But every day you notice the amount of water you add to the pool just doesn’t rise the surface past the tile line. The problem may be that you have a leak somewhere. You think, how in the world would anyone be able to pinpoint a small leak in a swimming pool surface? The good news is that leak detection techniques followed by swimming pool leak repair in Sacramento, CA, can fix the problem.

Increase in Water Bill

You may not notice the problem until one month your water bill has doubled. You notice the water level receding and pulled the hose over to the swimming pool and let the hose run overnight on a few nights. You realize that several good fillings should be enough to keep the level right. Another indicator of a leaking pool is if grassy areas arounds around the pool feel wet. The good news here is that you may just have a leaky or broken pipe leading to the pool under the grass. Identify the leak and replace that section of pipe.

Testing Water Lines

Whether there is a puncture in the pool liner or a busted PVC pipe from the pool equipment, you’ll need a professional to come in and isolate the leak. The first thing a swimming pool company will test will be the water lines. If the lines withstand the appropriate level of pressure, they are not the problem. If pressure drops off during testing, the line has a leak and this can be easily fixed once the leak has been located.

Pool Surface

Next the pool surface under the water must be tested. Because it is a slow and tedious process scuba equipment must be used. A non-toxic dye is in injected through the pool structure. This is done to see if the structure has any cracks and that is point the water is seeping through. Through the dye, air bubbles can detected. The entire structure, including pool walls and floor, the steps and benches, sealings around lights, tiles around the perimeter, are examined.

Once the leak or leaks are detected, a two-part marine-grade epoxy is used to fix the leak. Hopefully, one leak will not lead to another leak. If there is a defect in the pool surface, chances are there could be other leaks if the pool builder did not install the swimming pool liner correctly or there are issues with the pool structure. The good news is that swimming pool leak repair sacramento CA, is relatively inexpensive and it will get you back to swimming easy.